Frequently Asked Questions

Physical product enhances customer goodwill and embraces those people who may prefer to touch a product. Some will just never buy a digital-only product. Physical products makes the company more "real". From the affiliate perspective, it makes the sale easier when a world-class physical product is shown to complement the instant access of its digital product counterpart.

The company does not recruit and is simply there to maintain the engine of the program and make sure all parts are functioning as it should.

This is a very standard affiliate structure called an affiliate/super affiliate structure. It is not considered multilevel the way most see that type of compensation although it pays commissions over two tiers. DMP pays commissions of 40% for the direct sale and 20% override bonus when those sales you bring in also make sales.

Yes, of course. We encourage members to upgrade if it fits their needs. In your box will be a flyer with a 30-day upgrade notice on it and an expiration date. You can upgrade before that date and only pay the difference of the levels. You will not get two boxes but will get the difference in contents of the boxes.

Yes, of course. Our members sell a retail product. What wouldn't be legal about that? We work like any other online business. We compensate our affiliates well who choose to share our products. Very standard business.

DMP launched October 1st, 2019. However, its parent company Multiplex Systems, Inc. has been in business for 21 years and has been an online trailblazer. Don't let anyone downplay the importance of experience. Yes, DMP is new but is backed by a long pedigree of success.

Member direct certainly has its benefits for speed, it lacks in simplicity. How many sales are lost when the Success Coach instructs a sale to send some money here and some money there? It's a turn-off to some. DMP designed the system so sales are paid to the company directly. This is for simplicity and resonates with how most people see a company working thus lowering resistance to making the sale.

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